About Maria

Maria Allwine is a long-time community organizer and peace and justice activist. She has participated and been arrested in many nonviolent direct actions against the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, was Co-Chair of the Maryland Green Party and is a member of various Baltimore City activist groups, including the Pledge of Resistance Baltimore and the Maryland Coalition for BGE Reregulation. She is an outspoken advocate for BGE ratepayers and has testified before the PSC and the Maryland legislature on their behalf.

Maria has run for state and local office on the Green Party ticket. In 2006 she ran against State Senator Joan Carter Conway and received 11% of the vote and in 2007 ran for Baltimore City Council President against Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, received 17% of the vote.

“It’s not that people need or want no government or less government but that they understand the government we have no longer serves our interests.

People are angry because they realize that the politicians they vote for turn their backs on them the minute they are elected and legislate in the interests of those who contribute the most to their campaigns.

For too long elected officials have viewed their office as a career and a right, rather than a privilege and call to service. I have been committed for years to the cause of economic justice for everyone.

It’s past time for the people to have the government they need and deserve.”