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Thank You for Your Support

Thank you to all the Marylanders who chose an independent voice for a sustainable, just, and Green Maryland in this year’s election. Over 10,000 of you cast votes for me and Ken Eidel, and we thank you for your support. … Continue reading

Time to Vote for the Governor You Want

It’s time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils and vote for what you want. The Sun and other mainstream media outlets would have you believe this race is only between Martin O’Malley and Robert Ehrlich, but many … Continue reading

“We Owe it to Ourselves Not to Throw Our Votes Away”

Check Maria Out on Maryland Morning

On Monday, WYPR’s Sheilah Kast sat down with three candidates for Governor of Maryland, including Maria Allwine. Click here to hear a podcast of the show.

Get Out and Vote Green!

Early voting is open and all Marylanders will go to the polls next Tuesday. We need at least 1% (hopefully many, many more) of Marylanders to vote Green! Please e-mail, call, and visit all your friends and ask them vote … Continue reading

More on the Debate O’Malley and Ehrlich Don’t Want You to Hear – Healthcare

Medicare for All. It’s the only way to control costs, provide equal access to services, remove the linkage between employment and access to health care and guarantee that every person in Maryland can see a doctor when they get sick. … Continue reading

The Debate O’Malley and Ehrlich Don’t Want You To Hear

Tuesday night, the League of Women Voters hosted a debate to which all five candidates running in the gubernatorial election were invited. The two with all the money, O’Malley and Ehrlich, refused to attend (after saying maybe) while the three … Continue reading