Lowering BGE Electric Rates

The 10 year experiment in electric utility deregulation is a colossal failure acknowledged by almost all lawmakers and certainly BGE’s ratepayers.  Other states, faced with ratepayers’ outrage, have forced rate concessions from their deregulated utility to provide rate relief.  Neither former Governor Ehrlich nor Governor O’Malley have taken any steps to provide long-term rate relief for BGE ratepayers struggling under some of the highest utility rates in the country.   Constellation Energy, BGE’s parent company, proved in 2008 that its highest priority was gambling away the huge profits on Wall Street generated by its struggling ratepayers which brought it to the brink of collapse.   As governor, Maria Allwine pledges to make long-term BGE rate relief a high priority along with a commitment to moving Maryland away from electricity generated by dirty and expensive fossil fuels and toward the use of renewable energy.  BGE’s ratepayers are entitled to a governor who understands that basic fairness means that a utility providing an essential service should not be legally allowed to abuse captive ratepayers.