We must measure genuine progress instead of just general “growth” of the economy.

Tax the “bads” (pollution, depletion of natural resources) instead of “goods” (income, property).

The key to our economic future is creating good jobs that sustain a healthy environment, pay a real living wage, and nurture our existing neighborhoods and communities. Unlimited growth with larger and larger corporations and retailers, more roads and bigger farms is no longer a feasible or desirable model for Maryland. In order for us to sustain our communities, we must exchange the current but outmoded model of unchecked development for one that focuses resources on already-existing communities, supports small, locally owned businesses and farms and walkable public transit-oriented neighborhoods. 
Using the innovative steady-state approach (see to economic development rather than depending on constant growth models (which are vulnerable to boom/bust cycles and major downturns) will ensure that Maryland’s existing communities and businesses become sustainable economically and environmentally while providing all people the quality of life we want and deserve.