What People Are Saying

“Whatever you think of her politics, you have to respect the passion and commitment that Maria Allwine shows to the causes that are dear to her.” – The Marc Steiner Show blog (steinershow.org/blog)

“Legal secretary and peace activist Allwine is unlikely to get many opportunities to exercise her anti-Iraq war passion in Annapolis, but she and her fellow Greens have a plan to ‘re-Marylandize’ the state’s power plants and take back Maryland’s energy future from BGE that we admire, along with their professed dedication to working on behalf of working people instead of special interests…After all, who can argue against full funding of the schools? And while universal health care might be a more contentious issue, again, at root, who doesn’t want to get the care they need when they need it without being cleaned out in the bargain?…Vote Allwine and see what happens. There’s a slim chance something might actually change.” – Baltimore CityPaper, November 1, 2006